The Nice were formed in 1967 and were Keith Emerson’s first band as a creative leader. Along with guitarist Davy O’List, bassist Lee Jackson and drummer Brian “Blinky” Davison they released a series of superb albums before splitting in 1970 when Emerson left to form ELP. Despite the huge success of ELP, a number of […]

Geoff Collins – über fan!

A while back, I had an exchange of emails with an original fan of the Nice (and ELP) who had some amazing archives. In the end, we decide it was easiest for him to scan them and send me files. After too long a gap, I’ve finally got round to assembling these into a PDF […]

Another gig

Thanks to Tonny Steenhagan for this 1968 date which we didn’t have

new images

Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for these, which he came across during his research for Deep Purple.

Keith sings!

Videos keep appearing and this is a rare one, from 1968 with Keith on lead vocals. It captures the sense of fun (and danger) that the first line up had.

scrapbooks unearthed

An ageing Nice fan has found his old scrapbooks and I hope to be meeting up and digitising them at some point. He says the mice have gnawed at some of his tickets 😉

ne pics

A couple of nice photos found by Mark Macdonald

Flyer from Preston 1970

21/03/70 Supported by the Vertigo band Gracious – only four more gigs before they split ;(

Ticket from Caird Hall, Dundee 1969

Bryan Parker‎ said on FB:”The Nice were the first band that I saw in concert at the Caird Hall in Dundee, Scotland in 1969. By that time the band was a trio. My enduring memories as a 15 year old are Keith throwing his Hammond organ around, sticking daggers in it and near the end […]