Kevin Goulding wrote: “I have some photocopies of hand-written sheet music (not actually written by Keith I think) of several songs from the first album. As they have Immediate codes, single catalogue numbers I guess, written on them, they were done for copyrights for the publishing house. I had written to Chappell music I think, the copyright holders as I had a friend, a great keyboard player who said he’ll play the songs if I got the sheet music – so I did. However, my request to Chappel was forwarded to United  Artists Music who had bought the publishing from them and they kindly without charge photocopied all the above Nice songs, the only ones they had in their files. This was back in 1973!

You have to realise (or remember!!) that back in 1973 that xerox photocopiers were the size of a double wardrobe turned on its side and the toner granules weren’t much smaller than instant coffee powder. So the resolution isn’t brilliant but perfectly legible. Most of the lyrics are readable apart from one section in the Cry of Eugene which is very faint on the original. It looks as though that section has been partially erased as the bar notations above and below the lyrics are perfect. So its a deliberate mistake/flaw/erasing on the original music transcription sheet. Ref Eugene, I’ve done a second scan as most of the original documents were written on music foolscap sized paper – larger than A4 – and the photocopy page I have doesn’t quite fully
fit on the scanner.On the first scan of Eugene, the bottom musical notation is missed so I redid it but you lose the Immediate catalogue number scrawled on the top.”

The transcription is fairly basic, just the melody and chords,

Little Arabella
Flower King of Flies
Happy Freuds
The Cry Of Eugene #1
The Cry Of Eugene #2
Tantalising Maggie

Elsewhere, here’s “Hang On To A Dream” in a more complete form. Plus, the original notes Keith wrote for “5 Bridges”!